Bootstrap Circus combines rock, folk, ska and eastern European influences to create music that is both energetic and richly melodic. The eclectic songwriting of Adam Burns reflects his passion for the bluesy melodies of Jack White, the lyrical wit of Elvis Costello and the unbridled energy of The Clash. The band have become known for their vivacious live shows, characterized by playful interaction with each other and their audience.

In 2004 Adam moved from England to California, where he found musical co-conspirators in the form of Greg Archer (bass guitar), Mark Albosta (drums) and Kristin Ramsey (violin and vocals). While the flesh and bones of their songs comes from Adam, it is Greg’s grooving basslines, Mark’s intricate rhythms and Kristin’s heart-melting harmonies that bring the songs to life.

The band recorded three albums (Laika, Freedom and Painted Face) as ‘The Adam Burns Band’ before changing their name to Bootstrap Circus in 2013. They recorded ‘The Elegant Life’ in 2014, using the old 6th Street Cinema in Mariposa as a studio. The Elegant Life is a ten-song journey through the band’s rich musical landscape featuring rowdy folk rock (Get Your Boots On, The Blackbird), offbeat cabaret (Mad, The Greatest Show on Earth) and moments of lush surf guitar (The Rescue, To Break Your Heart).

Bootstrap Circus are getting stronger with every show and always moving toward their next creative experience. When they come to your town, don’t miss out on the chance to be part of the adventure.